Raigarh Chhattisgarh


Apart from co-curricular activities, the school arranges competitions on debate, recitation, speech, singing, solo dance, story telling, project making (SUPW), open forum, fancy dress, Best from waste, sports etc.

(a) Science Exhibition:Science exhibition is likely to be conducted periodically.

(b) Spoken English:Students are being trained to speak fluently in English by skilled and experienced faculties besides personality development techniques are also provided.

(c) ‘Right to Education’:In compliance to the govt. order, free education to the students under B.P.L. category are being provided under R.T.E. Act, 2009.

(d) Qualification of the Teachers:All the teachers of the school are well qualified, trained, and experienced. Details of the teachers are as follows

(e) Quality of Teaching:The quality of teaching in the school is such, which effects students of all calibre viz outstanding, very good as well as weak students. In teaching, students are bound to be disciplined, hardworking. They are controlled by teachers without scolding and beating. Evaluation, regular assessment and coaching in each classes are made up to date through revision and regular Monday test, class test and other routine tests.

(f) Open house:Parent-teacher meetings are conducted periodically class wise in the presence of management persons. This facilitates redressal of grievances of parents (if any) amicably; thereby taking constructive actions for the benefit of the students.

(g)Special merits of the school:

The school exercises special teaching techniques to expose hiden talent of the students.

The knowledge of English is increased for the students through the use of phrases and idioms.

In addition to normal cultural activities, the school enjoys ‘Teachers Day’ ‘Children’s Day’ Annual day’ celebrations. All the students and teachers feel very much excited and delighted during these functions. Annual function is being conducted every year during last week of December with traditional gaiety and spirit.