Basic Facilities in the School

Basic facilities which are provided in the school are as follows

(a) Distribution of hygiene drinking water through Aqua guard in different floors.

(b) Class rooms, surroundings, premises, toilets are cleaned in hygienic way by sweepers and Ayahs.

(c) There is separate wash-room and toilet for boys & girls in each floor.

(d) Transport facilities are provided to students coming from different places.

(e) To ensure uninterrupted power supply, arrangement of inverters are made in all the three floors of the school building.

(f) Lightning arrester has also been provided in the school.

Medical check-up: Every year medical check-up of the students are being done for all the students by qualified and experienced doctors.

Laboratory: The school has spacious, well equipped laboratory to impart practical on physics, chemistry and Biology for students of class IX to XI.

Library: The school has a well ventilated, spacious library hall to cater the requirements of all the classes. Our school library is enriched with the historical, mythological, General knowledge & current affairs, story books, text books. Reference books are also available for the competitive examination like P.M.T.,PET etc .There is adequate arrangement for students to read in the library hall with calm and peace.

Music & Dance: Training on Music & Dance is given by trained music teacher. Therefore, Music system with stereo sound box is installed in the assembly hall where daily practice is being done very effectively.

Academic Result: Academic result of the school in each and every class every year happens to be cent-per-cent with appreciation by outsiders. Performance in several competition viz. quiz, Drawing, Sports, Chess, Choikondo in inter-school also remains quite satisfactory much to the applauses of other schools and citizens.

In the very 1st batch of High School (2014-15), the cent per cent result was achieved by the school with highest 90% marks obtained by the student.